lundi 18 mars 2013

[SCCM 2012 & Intune] Mobile management - Part 3: Deploy an application on iOS devices with SCCM 2012 SP1

In part 1 of this series, we configured connector between SCCM 2012 SP1 and Intune. In part 2, we configured SCCM 2012 SP1 for iOS devices and we enrolled an iPhone.

Now that the iPhone is correctly linked to SCCM 2012, I propose to deploy an application on that device.


1. Create Application

In the Configuration Manager console, open the Software Library workspace
Expand Application Management and select Applications.
Click on Create Application

Expand the Type list.
You can notice that there are a lot a available application types... Especially 2 for iOS devices :
 - "App Package" for example if you devellop your own applications
 - "App Package from App Store" if you want to deploy an application stored in the App Store

Select App Package for iOS from App Store
Click on Browse

A minimal web browser appears showing the iTunes App Store.
Search your application and click on OK

The browser disappears and the location contain an URL on the Itune App Store.
Click on Next

 Click on Next

You can add some details
Click on Next

Click on Next

 Click on Close

2. Deploy Application on Device

Select your application
Click on Deploy

Select your target Application. It can be (as usual) a User Collection or a Device Collection
Click on Next

If you deploy an application from a manufacturer store (AppStore, Windows Store...), you don't have to provide a Distribution Point ;
else you must deploy package on the Distribution point provided by Windows Intune in the Cloud ("" DP)

Notes that :
 - Mandatory installation (or push installation) in not available today on Mobile Devices.
 - A user can only request approval to download an app from a Windows-based computer or a Windows RT device. If you deploy an app that requires approval from an administrative user, the user must request approval from the Application Catalog on a Windows-based computer. As soon as the user requests approval, the app appears in the company portal.

Click on Next

Click on Close

There is not need to limit explicitly your application to iOS devices. SCCM 2012 already know that your iOS package is only for iOS devices :o)
However, you can limit your application for certain iOS device or iOS version.

3. Install the Application on an iOS device

Open the Company Portal application
or Open your browser on

Log on

Click on Get Apps

Select the application you want to install

Read details
Select View app

App Store appears and show the application
You just have to install it !

In my next post, I will show you how to manage device configuration.

See you soon

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