mercredi 14 février 2018

[SCCM CB] CAS or not CAS ? Case Study 1 - Infrastructure pooling

Case Study 1 - Infrastructure pooling
Case Study 2 - The Worldwide Company

In the previous parts, I provided the fundamentals about the reason to create a CAS or not.
I also show you why creating a primary site is longer a solution to isolate actions.
Now a propose to discuss about a first case study.

CAS or not CAS ? Case Study 1 - Infrastructure pooling

Two companies merged.
In a first time, they want to share the same SCCM CB infrastructure but each company's resources must be managed by the admin team of that company.
The first company has 100k devices and the secund has 60k devices.

The consultant proposes to create an architecture with a CAS and 2 primary sites.
Each company will have its own primary site and he promises that "if ever one admin team makes a mistake, the other company won't be impacted".

My point of view:
We could be tempted by a standalone primary site. However, as a reminder, a standalone primary site is limited to 150.000 desktop.

So a CAS is required. Each child primary site support up to 150.000 devices.
2 primary sites seems to be the right decision.

However, I disagree with the promise of the consultant.
Each company will be able to use its own primary site, however, most of the actions will be replicated on the other primary site.

The companies must now work on common process: to deploy et tests packages, to design collections...
They also must work a process to manage the global settings (boundaries...) and deploy updates.

In a next article, we will discuss about a worldwide company.

Stay tuned !

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